Our Teachers
Barbara Adams, Owner

E-RYT 500
Anusara Certified Teacher

Barbara, ERYT-500, has been the owner of Yoga Village Fountain Hills since 2003 and Yoga Village Scottsdale since 2006.  She has studied and practiced several styles of yoga, but has enthusiastically embraced Anusara Yoga since 2003 and is Anusara certified.  Barbara loves ALL that yoga offers and has especially focused on alignment and therapeutic approaches in her studies. She is deeply appreciative to her fellow teachers for daily inspiration.  Barbara has a MS in Counseling and Human Development and worked in behavioral health for 15 years - she is delighted to see how yoga can bring contentment to so many hearts and how the yoga philosophy weaves seamlessly with her Counseling studies.

Barbara's husband, Wiley, and two grown children, Frank and Mae, have been a constant source of support and offer sure and steady help in running the studios and keeping it all fun.  Barbara  offers her wisdom in a heartfelt way through her teaching.
Paulette Bodeman

E-RYT 500
Anusara Certified Teache

Paulette Bodeman, B.A. Transpersonal Psychology, E-RYT 500, Anusara and Integrative Yoga Therapy Certified. Paulette's gift as a teacher is to encourage her students to step fully into their lives through yoga. Her teaching style is dynamic, inspiring and rooted in the philosophy that claiming your Intrinsic Worth is the first step in creating a life of authentic purpose. She leads workshops, retreats, immersions, teacher training, tele-classes, plus 1:1 coaching. As a highly respected teacher of meditation, Paulette has the capacity to touch the hearts of both the beginner and seasoned meditator. She is the founder and creator of the WORTH System, and is known to have a profound capacity for reigniting a bold new brilliant You. Visit her at paulettebodeman.com, where you'll find four guided meditations and inspirations. facebook.com/wmnofworth. 
Angie Santucci

Anusara Certified Teacher

Angie is articulate, compassionate and inspiring. Her most influential teacher has been Desiree Rumbaugh. Angie began her yoga studies in 1995 and has taught since 1998. Angie is dedicated student, passionate about Anusara yoga, yet she has a light-hearted, playful way of sharing this powerfully transformational yoga practice. Angie also has experience teaching and speaking to groups including: seniors, children, athletes, corporate groups and yoga workshops. Her knowledge and experience have also provided her with a successful yoga therapy business.

She happily shares her life with her loving husband, Phil and 4 boys, Phillip, Patrick, Luke and Jake.
 Katrina Abrams
Anusara-Inspired Teacher
A devoted student of Anusara yoga, Katrina finds joy in her practice. Deeply grateful to all of her teachers, her experience has been one of transformation that integrates body, mind and soul. The study of Tantric philosophy has infused her spirituality with a new vibrancy and the physical practice has helped facilitate and maintain a 50 pound weight-loss. After completing the Anusara Immersions and Teacher Training at Yoga Village, she began teaching in 2007. Katrina believes there is a yoga practice available to every single body, regardless of age or body type. Her invitation to yoga is come-as-you-are. With her encouraging and empowering teaching style, she endeavors to make every class a playful opportunity to explore and expand.
Leslie Ullstrup

RYT 500 
 After many years of running marathons and competing in triathlons, Leslie has taken a gentler approach to fitness. When a back injury forced her to stop running, she opted out of surgery and instead expanded her yoga practice; the results were so significant that she was inspired to “spread the word” and become a teacher, training with Martin and Jordan Kirk right here at Yoga Village. She has been teaching in the North Valley since 2005, and received her 500 hour certification in June of 2013 under the guidance of Meg Byerlein. Leslie's teaching reflects her Anusara training, with an emphasis on good alignment, moving the breath, opening the heart, and also great humor. She enjoys teaching all levels but especially likes teaching restorative yoga and putting a different spin on it. Leslie is happy to have done a 360 and circled back to Yoga Village - “It is truly and honor and privilege to be a part of the Yoga Village Kula.”
Sarka Hulpachova

RYT 500
As a former gymnast from Prague, Sarka's natural path has always been exploring how the physical body alignment and the mind work inseparably. She considers it a blessing that she discovered Yoga a long time ago, and is very pleased to observe how Yoga teachings have attained such a well-deserved popularity.  From her extensive studies of all aspects of Yoga, Sarka learned about the broad complexity this way of life has to offer. After 5 semesters of intense training, she received her 200 hours certification in Yoga from Scottsdale Community College, and has continued to study with Carlyn Sikes to obtain her 500 hours certification in Yoga instruction, as well as an Occupational Certification in Yoga Therapy. She is excited to know and share how we can use our own bodies to heal ourselves. 
Mae Adams

E-RYT 200
Anusara Inspired Teacher
Mae began her yoga journey when she was 13. After many years of practice, she decided in 2008 to pursue teaching and has been in love with it since. Trained in the Anusara method she imbues her classes with thoughtful alignment, spontaneous humor, and heart. Mae is especially fond of deep back bends, but enjoys the well-roundedness of the practice. In addition to practicing Anusara Yoga, Mae is huge fan of Acro Yoga, which is a combo of traditional yoga, acrobatics, and Thai yoga massage. She has much gratitude for the teachers that have guided her along the path: Barbara Adams (mom and yoga teacher extraordinaire), Paulette Bodeman, Angie Santucci, John Friend, Noah Maze, Desiree Rumbaugh, and her many incredible Acro friends. 
Veda Spidle

RYT 200
Veda was born in Lithuania and immigrated to the United States, at a young age, with her family. Throughout her life she has been surrounded by yoga, meditation, Reiki, and books. For three and a half years she lived abroad in South Korea teaching English. This experience provided her with the foundation for connecting to students, making learning fun, and expanding her perspective for life. She also met her husband there, with whom she moved to Arizona. Wonderful opportunities presented themselves to her after the move, one being Yoga Teacher Training which was a dream of hers to complete. She is now a 200 hour certified yoga instructor. She teaches yoga to people of all ages and abilities including rock climbers, seniors, and children. She is always reading and studying to expand her knowledge in the ancient art of yoga, and hopes to share her love for life, health, and harmony with others. 

Julie Lemerond

RYT 500

Julie grew up taking ballet, and always had a passion for dance and movement. But during college, workouts started consisting simply of running or lifting weights, and became boring and unfulfilling. Discovering yoga changed her life, as it sparked that passion for movement but also gave her so much more in the process.

After taking yoga classes for many years, in 2010 she got certified to teach by the Southwest Institute of Health and Healing Arts (SWIHA), and has been teaching around the Valley since. She returned to SWIHA to receive certification in Yoga Nidra with Kamini Desai, which she is proud to facilitate and share, knowing the tremendous impact meditation has on our bodies and souls. Julie's classes are centered around enjoying and having fun with the practice of yoga - finding peace and joy even in the midst of challenge.

John Bucur

RYT 200
John is a 200 hours teacher, trained in the Anusara perspective. A graduate of Yoga Village, he had most of his studies with Barbara Adams and Paulette Bodeman, and has also trained with Jordan and Martin Kirk as well as Denise Hatch at Yoga Sports Performance. John found his love for YOGA unexpectedly, at his GYM where he still practices and teaches. He describes his philosophy of yoga as "Simply Yoga Sport." His emphasis is always on good Alignment, Strength, Flexibility, and Balance, but you will be in for a very energetic flow practice, with sprinkles of party poses and arm balancing throughout. John's classes are must-try-and-see-for-yourself, mixed level, high energy, with lots of beginner and advanced variations. His confidence level and strength are contagious and will inspire you to try the unexpected - and most likely succeed. John's secular job is in construction and remodeling when he is not practicing or teaching yoga. 
Jen Brooks

RYT 500 
Jennifer came to yoga in 2001 in order to find strength and flexibility. She immediately noticed benefits beyond the physical, and began her search for deeper meaning. Her yogic influences include Sharon Gannon and David Life, founders of Jivamukti Yoga. An ethical vegan, Jennifer's personal practice is focused on Ahimsa (non-harming) and Bhakti (devotion).

Trained at the 500-hour level (Yoga Pura, Phoenix, AZ), Jennifer has been teaching since 2007. Her challenging classes include philosophy, music, and a sense of humor that will leave you feeling relaxed and inspired.
Ashley Burns

RYT 200
Ashley embraces the asana as a beautiful physical representation of how different we show up everyday, and it is an honor for her to welcome this awareness in her students. This young yogini completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at The Spirit of Yoga under the guidance of Laura McKenzie, and is now continuing on with advanced studies under Izzi Sunnes and Mary Bruce. You will hear her rejoicing with a “HALLELUYAH!” bringing a lighthearted, fun loving feel to her practice with chanting, dancing, and a few jokes to encourage her students to “lighten up.” She began practicing 3 years ago, when she came across an Energy Flow DVD, and her eyes have stayed open ever since. She recognizes that her mat is the window into her world, and enjoys growing both physically and mentally stronger. You can find Ashley teaching yoga in the park every Saturday morning, with DiRTYOGA, the all-donation-based yoga movement she co-founded in 2012. “It’s all yoga!” she says when referencing the union between all things, seen and unseen. 
Lisa Kneller

RYT 200
Lisa fell in love with the practice of yoga at age 43. Her fist influential teachers were Jordan and Martin Kirk with whom she studied for her 200 hour certification credentials. Lisa began teaching around the Valley in 2003 and has been a devoted student at Yoga Village since the cork floor was laid and she helped to paint the walls. Anusara Yoga makes her feel most "at home," and she credits the very talented Anusara teachers who have shown her how to expand her heart, mind and body. She enjoys taking a great flow class and loves to teach beginning students. Lisa also holds a master level certification in Holy Yoga (M-HYI) and offers classes using Biblical themes to local area churches. Lisa is married and the proud mother of two great children. Her greatest passion is inspiring people to reach their potential in mind, body and spirit. 
Valere Schlesinger

Valere has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. She did her teacher training with Dave Oliver in Ashtanga. Valere uses yoga as a way to energize and transform the body while calming the mind, and she wants to share that experience with her students. Her classes focus on opening your heart while linking the breath to the postures with an emphasis on alignment, and provide a deeper sense of self-awareness. She is inspired by her teachers, friends and family, but mostly by her two children who help her to stay focused on what's important and on being present. 
Rasoul Sobhani 

RYT 500
The inspiring Rasoul brings a beautiful blend of experience to Yoga Village. He has over 20 years of experience as a martial artist and teaches Tai Chi and Chi Qung. He is a registered yoga teacher and graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Rasoul is also a graduate of the Scottsdale Community College, where he received certification as a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), with a focus on yoga therapy and alignment. He is the creator of Chi Yoga Do Witch, where he creatively blends yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Qung into one fluid, yet meditative class. Rasoul has a weekly yoga program featured on online at www.timebroadcasting.com. To learn more about Rasoul, please visit www.chiyogado.com.
Jane Applegath

RYT 200 
Inspired by the teachings of John Kabbat Zinn, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Austin Vickers, Jane came to yoga to find renewed balance and discovered so much more.

Learning to embrace the beauty of an open heart, the love of community, the power of breath and the joy of being, have inspired Jane to share the gift of yoga with others. An avid mind/body pupil and researcher in human capacities, her lifetime passion is to encourage the inherent possibilities that lie within each person.

Elena Long

RYT 200

Elena took her first yoga class in 2004 and quickly fell in love with it. As a dancer in high school and in college, yoga felt natural to her, and she found herself very drawn to the practice. She started practicing yoga at Yoga Village in 2009 and gained a great appreciation for Anusara. Elena completed her 200 hour teacher training with Barbara and Paulette. She is also certified to teach kids yoga, and is currently teaching yoga to the kids at the Boys and Girls Club in Fountain Hills several days a week.
Dana Arbel

RYT 200 
Dana is a local yogini with a degree in film and a passion for cooking. Yoga began as just another interest, but soon she was addicted, going to classes daily and establishing a home practice in between, and trying out many different styles. On a whim, she signed up for teacher training at Urban Yoga, led by Dave and Cheryl Oliver. Truly life changing, she learned the traditional Ashtanga practice, philosophy, and chants that transformed her practice. Her classes blend traditional movements with creative, fun sequences that will both challenge and inspire her students. She believes in hands-on teaching, offering plenty of modifications and adjustments, helping students along the way. She wishes for her students to take what they learn on the mat and carry it with them into their daily lives. 

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